How to use PS to make gold material stickers

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  1. The specific operation steps are as follows.

    1. Start the Chinese version of PS CS2, press CTRL N to open a new document dialog box, as shown in Figure 1. After setting, click the "OK" button.

    Figure 1

    2. Press the D key and press the X key to make the prospect color white and black background color. Then select a light brown from the "color board" panel, as shown in Figure 2.

    3. Create a new layer. Confirm the selection of the new layer in the layer board, and then select the menu command "Filter | Rendering | Yuncai", and then change the mixed mode of the layer to "Strong Light". Essence The effect may look slightly different, and you can use a cloud filter several times to get different effects.

    4. Select the menu command "Filter | sharpness | USM sharpness". , The threshold is 0, click the "OK" button after setting.

    5. Select the "brush" tool in the toolbox, select a wet side brush, and set a smaller opaque degree and traffic. Draw the stain shown in Figure 5.


    6. Select the menu command "Image | Adjustment | Brightness/Comparison" appropriately adjusts the value of brightness and contrast until the satisfactory effect, as shown in Figure 6 Show.

    The application instance of special effects when making golden materials in Photoshop.

    Figure 7

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