What does platinum PT950 diamond ring do.13ct mean?

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  1. The PT950 diamond ring inlaid material is platinum PT950,
    D represents diamonds, D0.13CT represents the diamond weight of 0.13 carat
    what does the letter of the inner signs of the diamond ring mean? Four categories: diamond quality, ring trachature, diamond ring brand, special element.

    . Platinum is divided into: PT990, PT950, PT900, PT represents platinum, 900, 950, and 990 represents platinum content.
    K gold is generally 18K, and there are 23K, 14K and the like, but there are many types of records engraved on the diamond ring, such as AU750, 18K, G750. It is particularly noteworthy that many consumers are easily fainted by GP, KP, KF, GF, KGF, and KRGP on the jewelry. These are also English abbreviations of trachatic materials. Essence

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