Is there a sign on Chinese jewelry?

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  1. The formal gold jewelry (including platinum, K platinum) should be identified.

    This "Regulations on the Management of Gold and Silver Jewelry Identification" clearly stipulates that gold and silver jewelry requires the marks of production enterprise codes, materials names, gold and silver content, and diamond weight. Some rings are also marked with numbers. The unqualified product is unqualified, and the same is true internationally.
    , for example: 錾 G.SG750D.090 on the inner ring of a ring, indicating that this is a 18K gold diamond ring with a diamond weight of 0.090 carats, and the manufacturer's mark is G.S. Such jewelry is a qualified product.

    It what needs to be explained is that some of the early jewelry, the mark does not fully meet this regulation, some are privately stipulated in advance when private customization, which is also allowed. We only need to grasp the purchase of new jewelry now, check whether it meets national regulations.

  2. It's just a template model. Generally, precious metal jewelry is labeled material, gold content, template number, ring, ring, and the ring is recommended to ask for invoices
    The international spot gold and spot silver prices overnight. The price of silver has refreshed at $ 16.83/ounce in the low position for more than 4 years. And it is not just gold and silver that fell overnight, but the decline of gold and silver is not just that.
    The on October 1, 2014, the transaction price was around 238 yuan, the gold jewelry was about 285 yuan, the investment of gold was 246 yuan, and the recovery of 230 yuan. Detailed brand prices can be questioned and verified;
    If beware of similar "Xingbang" case and Golden Jia illegal fund -raising advertisement
    despicable advertisements, contempt for some helping to abuse the administrator

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