Diamond jewelry sales talk skills

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  1. Diamond jewelry sales skills
    Sales are the art of language. Excessive sales skills are actually excessive language art. It must not only have insight into the keenness of people's hearts, but also to shake the ability of customers' voices. The following is a diamond jewelry sales tips for everyone for everyone for your reference. Welcome to browse!

    . Feeling customers
    Features: The surface looks intriguing, but the actual contempt of the world and vulgarity And rules.
    Comments: Feeling customers like dramatic romance and feelings.
    It you can say this: The design of this jewelry is bold, elegant and comfortable, and the design is very unique. It is recommended that you try it to see it.
    . Leader -type customer
    Featured: It is better to be strong and do not like to be refuted.
    Comments: Leader -like customers like to show success. It looks good at expressing his own views.
    It you can say this: You really have a vision. Most people think that it is expensive to see such a design product. You try it. It is definitely worth it.
    . Observation customer
    Features: good at thinking, strong curiosity but weak action.
    The comments: Observed customers like to have their own private space and often live in their own ideological world.
    You can say this: The quality of this product is really good, not afraid of damaging, you can try it to try it.
    . The meong -like customer
    Features: Unwilling to face contradictions and conflicts, it is difficult to decide.
    The comment: The golden mean customers are unwilling to refuse others and like to find a balance point.
    It you can say this: I have bought this product, I like it very much, I feel very beautiful, and there are grades. Your lover will also like it.
    5. Activity customer
    Features: lively and active, not at routine.
    Comments: Vitality customers hate them step by step, and are curious about fresh things.
    It you can say this: This is the latest design and general product. This *** process technology uses *** wearing effect*, is our latest model, I will give you you to you Try it.
    6. Doubt Customers
    Characteristics: Be careful everywhere, do not easily believe in people and things.
    Comments: Doubt customers like to seek authoritative protection.
    It you can say: Our diamond jewelry has been certified by authoritative agencies and has a diamond certificate. I will explain to you what this certification is good for you.


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