Should the ring wear left or right? Still all?

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  1. Both the ring can be worn on the left and right hands.
    In the traditional Western habits, the left hand shows the luck given to you by God. Therefore, in Western countries, the ring is usually worn on the left hand. Do not wear a ring to indicate single. Early Western medicine believes that the left -handed ring finger is closest to the distance between the ten fingers and the heart, so we wear the ring representing the marriage on the left hand ring finger, which reflects the sacred status of love, and has passed on to this day.
    and according to the habits of our country, right -handed little finger: do not fall in love. Right -handed ring finger: Love in love. The right of the right hand: The famous flower has the master. Right index finger: single nobles, waiting for love. Left -handed little finger: unmarried family. Left -handed ring finger: Marriage. The middle finger of the left hand: engagement. Forest index: Unmarried. The thumb is the meaning of power, and it can also be confident.
    Pucting data
    This rings are also particular about. The people believe that the left is top, right is the bottom, the left symbolizes dignity and strength, and the right symbolizes gentle and considerate. Therefore, the people wearing rings are divided into "men's left and women". In addition, the man was wearing the index finger and expressed his love, and the middle finger expressed that he was in love, and he was married on the ring finger.
    . Women are generally not worn on the index finger, and others are similar to men. If someone is worn on the little finger on the left and women, it is clear that they are single. In contemporary folk customs, the emotional exchanges between men and women must pay attention to the position of the ring worn by the other party, and respect the custom of this kind of convention, and get along properly.
    The ring of gemstones has different significance. Diamond symbolizes eternity. In Europe and the United States, every wedding anniversary, husbands generally give their wife a diamond ring and valuable metal to show the loyalty of love. Emerald represents love, pearls are noble, and amethyst represents health, machine sensitivity and luck. The crystal uses unique magnetic field energy to make more people fall in love at first sight.
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  2. According to the traditional Western habits, the left hand shows the luck given by God. It is related to the heart. Therefore, it is meaningful to wear a ring on the left hand.

    The more popular wearing method internationally is:

    Forefinger-want to get married, indicating unmarried;
    Anonymous finger-indicating engagement or marriage;
    -small finger-indicating single.

    As for the right hand, it is meaningful when there is a finger wearing a ring in tradition: that is the ring finger. It is said that wearing it here indicates that there is a nun's mind.

    of course, when you wear a ring, no matter what you wear there, this ring is a general flower ring. This ring is a decorative role. You can wear any fingers you want to wear without any restraint.

    In wearing customs

    In at the same time, wearing several rings
    In ancient times, rings were wearing levels, and the wearing methods and quantity were irregular. From the woodcarving woman on the coffin unearthed in Egypt, we can see the five fingers of the woman's left hand and the two fingers on the right hand wearing a ring. At that time, the Egyptians thought that the left hand was qualified to wear a ring, especially the rings on the ring finger the most. Ring materials include gold, silver, bronze, shells, soft stones, amethyst and so on. The people of the civilians are also burned into a ring with pottery, and then coated copper oxide, blue, or green. Wearing many rings on both hands, from Egypt to Greece and Rome.

    In the Roman Empire, people wore rings as they wanted, and even reached the level of crazy. Regardless of the men and women wearing rings except for the remaining eight fingers, they even wear rings up and down on the finger joints. The Romans initially used iron to make a ring, but later influenced by the Greeks, they began to use gold as a ring. But at first the pure gold ring was worn only for messenger to send foreign messengers. Diplomats wear pure gold rings in their positions to show their lofty position. This kind of regulation was relaxed later. The Senate, the senior officials of the Senate, the senior officials of the government, etc., can be worn, and gradually, the free people, soldiers, and so on. Only when you only wear silver, the slaves can only wear iron. After several centuries, when the Constantine Emperor (6th century AD), anyone could wear a gold ring. According to Rome's philosopher Sinica (first century BC), the Senate members at the time wearing six rings with both hands, and the weight of wearing rings in summer and winter was different. In the third century AD, the Roman Emperor Irara Kabalas was assassinated for crazy luxury. He is known for not being wearing the same ring.

    The ring to see personality:
    Today, ring is a must -have for most women, and it is also very popular among men. According to the different positions of the ring and the color selection of color, it can reflect the personality and preference of the wearer. For example, wearing a diamond ring has a saying:
    In on the little finger, it means single;
    on the ring finger, is married or engaged; R n is worn on the middle finger, which is in love.
    and some people like to wear rings, not representing marriage or engagement, but just a decoration. It is this random decoration that reflects the extraordinary personality of the wearer. Such as:
    The people who wear the ring on the index finger, have a more extreme and stubborn personality;
    The people who wear the ring on the right hand, psychological balance, objective attitude;
    People in the middle finger have a sense of responsibility and attach importance to family life;
    The people who wear the ring on the little finger are always ascended and inferior;
    people who wear the ring on the ring finger Life, there is no big plan for gains and losses.
    Male wearing pure silver rings, indicating mild sex, easy to accommodate others, and easy communication.
    men like to wear K gold rings, they are more profitable and they are very good at doing business.
    Men like Dai Cuiyu ring, indicating that they have strength, taste, focus on quality, and rigorous work.
    The attention of jewelry styles without much plan, or those who like to wear their own designs, indicating creative and artistic atmosphere.
    Is like pink diamonds, egg noodles, most of them are rich and romantic.
    The people who like ruby ​​and red tourmaline rings are more enthusiastic.
    The person who likes sea sapphire or sapphire ring is more introverted and cold.
    Those who like emeralds or turquoise rings, the relationship is fragile.
    The person who does not like the ring with the ring, is a person who believes in love.

    The ring should be paid attention to:
    The ring worn on the index finger, requires a three -dimensional shape. The style can be exaggerated.
    The ring on the middle finger requires the atmosphere and a sense of weight, which can give people a more formal and positive feeling.
    The ring on the ring finger is suitable for orthodox shapes, because its position is the most suitable and the visual balance is the best, so it can display the beauty of orthodox shape.
    The ring worn on the little finger is suitable for cute and beautiful shapes, because the little finger gives a feminine feeling.
    This fingers are slender, suitable for wide ring and volume rings, but the overall requirements are not bulky and cumbersome. The ring with too thin fingers and the main stone is too small.
    The obese hand is suitable for wearing a spiral ring, and the amount of gold is large, so that the fingers can be slightly slender.
    The short -thick hand can choose a rings of streamlined shape.
    It, you should also pay attention to the auxiliary ring when wearing the ring combination and not "noisy to win the master", and when you wear the ring on the index finger, generally do not need a sub -ring to accompany. In addition, the color of the ring and clothing, nail polish and clothing are lined with, and unity is also the main point of paying attention to when wearing.

    The wish on the finger:
    If finger: The little finger conveyed a kind of charming and sexy message. The ring on it will be unexpected; Unknown fingers are connected to the heart, which is most suitable for sacred vows;
    Middle fingers: The ring is the most free and bright atmosphere on the middle finger. N index finger: put the ring on the index finger personality will become cheerful and independent;
    Thumb: The ring is worn on the thumb to help you reach your wish.

  3. As a pair of newcomers, the wedding ring should be worn on their hands for a long time. So, which hand does a wedding ring wear? Which fingers should I wear? Such problems have attracted the attention of many consumer groups.

    1. How to wear men's wedding rings
    Is in our country to pay attention to the left and right of men, most men wear wedding rings, They will choose to wear the ring finger on the left hand. In simple terms, such a habit comes from the feudal thoughts of our country's past. Among the traditional Chinese customs, the left is more distinguished, so it belongs to male compatriots. However, women can only be in a humble position, so they can only be worn on their right hands. But now in different regions in China, the problem of which hand is wearing a wedding ring has their own habits. Some women will wear their right hands before marriage, and they wear left and right hands after marriage.

    2, how to wear a female wedding ring
    Now most female friends will wear wedding rings on themselves Above the right hand, but in the past traditional wear method, women need to wear a wedding ring on the left -handed finger of the left hand. According to foreign circulation, among the two hands and ten fingers, only the left -handed finger has one blood vessels connecting the heart. Wearing the wedding ring on this finger will undoubtedly imply that the relationship between the two will be booming and the heart is connected.

    The understands of the wearing method of men's and women's wedding rings, so what special choice for wedding rings? Many young couples have chosen Lever's real -name custom ring, because such a real -name customized model can meet everyone's basic needs. It will be unsatisfactory, so in recent years, such a customized model has become a trend and has won the favor of many consumers.

    Which hand to wear a wedding ring? On the left -handed ring finger, this is the mainstream method of wearing a lot. After all, this is the mainstream method. In the selection of wedding rings, we can choose a personalized and special real -name custom ring, which can better reflect the love of the two.

  4. Finger-want to get married, indicating unmarried;
    Midth finger-has been in love;
    has ring finger-indicates that he is engaged or married;
    The right hand and left hand have different meanings.
    The right -handed little finger: Do not fall in love.
    The right hand ring finger: love in love.
    The right hand middle finger: The famous flower has the master.
    The right -hand index finger: single noble; waiting for love.
    Left -handed little finger: unmarried family.
    The left hand ring finger: Marriage.
    The left hand middle finger: engagement.
    If index finger: unmarried.
    The thumbs are the meaning of power. You can also do confident meaning
    As for the right hand, there is also a meaning of a finger when wearing a ring: that is the ring finger. It is said that wearing it here indicates that there is a nun's mind.
    The ring is not just decorations. Which type of ring do you like to wear and which fingers you like will leak your heart story.

  5. Wedding rings are generally worn on the left hand. Because the right hand is usually used for working, wearing a wedding ring is worn on the left hand. If it is worn on the right hand, it will hinder the work, and sometimes it will damage the ring.

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