What are the better sources of website?

I want to be a Taobao and Wei Shang now. In addition to 1688, there are still low -cost websites. I don’t consider it offline. I only consider online in the early stage

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  1. Making socks has been promoted on the Internet that are well -produced, including Pinduoduo, Mini Program Mall, self -media (today's headlines), forums, posts, or building a website to promote in search engines. Taobao and Weishang, you already know, so don't say much.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswern1. Alibaba, Taobao official source website. There are many suppliers in it, but the quality is uneven. 2. Everyone knows what Yiwu is in Yiwu. 3. Kaishan.com specializes in shoes. Friends who want to make shoes can go to this website to see. 4, online business garden clothing shoes and bags, there are all here, the categories are complete. All these are very common. Next, there are a few rare ones. Most people do n’t know: 5. You can buy a bag for ten yuan for 10 yuan. The price is cheap and suitable for novice sellers with small funds.nThe most I use now is the Beijing -China network and the trace logistics. These two sources are many, and they are more reliable. The Beijing Internet of China needs to pay the fee.n1 morenBleak

  3. What are the good supply websites?

    1, large offline wholesale market. Especially in the local area of ​​supply chain with a scale, many wholesale markets can pass through the supply of these factories and need to find them slowly.
    2, online goods platform. Platforms such as shirt exchange are all factory supply platforms based on a certain source of origin, so it is very simple and efficient to find the source of the factory.

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