What are the whole set of lives?

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  1. Intruda's common words (live broadcast) Self -introduction:
    Hi everyone, I am a new anchor, today Xitian live broadcast, thank you for your support. (Simple).
    Hi everyone, I am a new anchor, and there are many places that I do n’t understand. If you do n’t do it enough, I hope you can forgive me. If you have a song you like to listen to I will sing it for you, and I will learn not, thank you for your support.
    is always affectionate, I am xx, do you love! Friend, XX knows it! Help to follow, thank you for having you. (Tone brisk).

    I is XX, youthful and beautiful, playing with a stretch, and a positive energy! Thank you everyone for coming! (Combined with action) Welcome to polite words.
    Welcome to the XX live room, order a attention and not get lost, you can't hold the guardian, and you should not act late! (Seeking attention).
    Welcome XX to the baby's live broadcast room, like the anchor's attention! (Simple).
    Ifs, what do you love? I like to pay attention to some concerns, and will be called brushing gifts. There is a kind of companion named me to see Huahai! Do you love me or I like me!
    Welcome the babies to my live broadcast room. The anchor is a newcomer of the live broadcast. I hope that the babies can support more and have a lot of support.
    Welcoming handsome guys and beautiful women to come to my live broadcast room. Is it a beauty or a handsome guy who comes in the live room? Brushing the barrage let me see you.

    Welcome to my friends to come to my live broadcast room. The anchor Meige has a good personality. Following it is like picking up a treasure. Do you want to miss the passing by? Where is the baby you like?

  2. Wording is the most basic but most important point for bringing goods.
    Sales are a storytelling script. The key is three steps: persuasion, urging and forced order. The entire process of live broadcast is a persuasive sales process.
    I have a 30-minute live broadcast and cargo. For reference, please refer to:
    0-5 minutes to gather people for 5-7 minutes to stay in customers
    7-12 minutes
    16-22 minutes persuasion
    22-27 minutes
    27-30 minutes to force orders
    0-5 minutes to gather people
    To sell off the product, it is necessary to arouse the curiosity of users. Two things must be done:
    1. Various welcome interactions to shorten the user distance;
    2. Packaging rendering product origin, history, reputation, sales and other data.
    For example, today this product has been selling well for 100 years, and it is a product that every family has in Europe and the United States.
    5-7 minutes stay customer
    This to announce the promotional favorable policies at this stage, including drawing prizes, drawing big red envelopes, limited editions of 9.9 yuan spike, free lipstick, large concession or discount, and call for users to use the screen to swipe the screen. Drag the user.
    7-12 minutes lock customers
    1. Say: plan the product use scenario in advance, interact with users in a questioning way during the live broadcast, let users say the pain point of the product, instead of telling the function of the instructions, the function of the manual said that the function of the manual is said to the function of the instructions. Over.
    This oral elaboration of the selling point, use experience, essence components, and price advantages compared with other channels, etc., so that users can feel "use, you can buy".
    2. Do:
    The on -site trial product, share experience and effects, verify product functions. Two -pronged approach to stimulate users' needs and buy desires.
    16-22 minutes to persuade
    The key is the pavement in front. The anchor persuaded the product's efficacy, price, ingredients, packaging design, promotional strength, and on -site use results. Compared with competing products, it further helps users to eliminate choices.
    22-27 minutes
    1. The user's appetite is officially announced. At this time, the price is officially announced to make users feel "value for money".
    2. Oncestically emphasize the promotional policy, including promotional activities such as limited time discounts, previous XX orders to send equivalent gifts, cash returns, random exemptions, lottery exemptions, etc., allowing users to pass the orgasm and urge users to concentrate on order.
    , for example:
    The live broadcast room 5,000 people, we will give the top 600 equivalent gifts today. The countdown is 5, 5 (let the assistant cooperate, there are 200 orders left), 4 (let the assistant cooperate, there are 100 orders left), 3 (let the assistant cooperate, gone).
    This is the atmosphere of spike and carnival. Selling at the live broadcast room requires a shopping atmosphere. In the future, the live broadcast is entertaining live broadcast, which is different from shopping. Live and bringing the goods to make users feel carnival, let his hormones rise, and create expected surprises.
    We have a guideline. Users to buy our things must exceed his psychological expectations. This business can be done for a long time. 27-30 minutes forced orders
    In continuously reminding users of real-time sales, creating a best-selling situation, repetitive functions, price advantages, promotional strength, etc. Repeat the use of countdown to force users to place an order immediately.
    The anchor stands in the live room, is a script, which is responsible for the boss, products and users, so that users can only buy things with you and generate repurchase.
    All selling goods is skeleton, and the skeleton has no blood and muscles. What the anchor needs to do is to build the ability to build the scene, turn the advantages and selling points of the product into specific scenes, to include all the good imaginations of users, and use all the best to hold users.
    It is not the ability to win at low prices. Users buying products in live broadcasts are two benefits. On the one hand, economic benefits are economic benefits. Your product is good and cheap. But economic benefits are not your own ability, but also the advantage of supply and supply chain. On the other hand, to build a beautiful scene with rhetoric, give users benefits, and meet the imagination and vanity of users. For example:
    This lipstick feels like Zhen Yuan's upper position and smiles, saying "the old lady won" to those people. Now the work pressure in the city is great. Who doesn't need to decompress it? This lipstick feels the feeling of saying "the old lady wins" to those people.
    "The peach on earth is you" is boasting that your heart is full of blooming hearts. If you are 16 years younger, will it bring satisfaction?

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