What glue can be used for jade

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  1. It is best to use epoxy tree -based adhesives. There are generally two components, which are now available. After sticking, it is slightly external forces. force. After a few more days, dry it and then use it.
    The oxygen resin adhesive is a type of engineering adhesive for epoxy resin base materials, curing agents, diluents, promoters and fillers. Because of its good bonding performance, good functionality, low price, and simple bonding technology, in recent decades, it has been widely used in the fields of home appliances, automobiles, water conservancy transportation, electronic appliances, and aerospace industries.
    The expansion data
    compared with other types of adhesives with other types of adhesives, with the following advantages:
    1, epoxy resin contains a variety of polar groups and the activated epoxy base, so it is metal. , Glass, cement, wood, plastic and other polarity materials, especially materials with high surface activity have strong adhesion, and at the same time, the internal agglomeration strength of epoxy curing is also very high, so its glue connection strength is very high. Essence
    2, epoxy resin is basically produced when there is no low molecular volatilization. The volume contraction rate of the glue layer is small, about 1%one and 2%, which is one of the most curing contraction in thermosetry resin. After adding the filler, it can be reduced to less than 0.2%. The inflation factor of epoxy curing is also very small. Therefore, the internal stress is small and the intensity of the glue connection is small. In addition, the creep of epoxy curing is small, so the size of the glue layer is good. rn3、环氧树脂、固化剂及改性剂的品种很多,可通过合理而巧妙的配方设计,使胶粘剂具有所需要的工艺性(如快速固化、室温固化、低温固化、水中固化、 Low viscosity, high viscosity, etc.), and the required use performance (such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, high strength, high flexibility, aging resistance, conductivity, magnetic conductivity, heat conduction, etc.).
    4, with a variety of organic matter (monomer, resin, rubber) and inorganic (such as fillers, etc.), it has good compatibility and reactivity, and it is easy to converge, cross -linking, mixed, filling and other modifications , To improve the performance of the rubber layer.
    5, good corrosion resistance and good dielectric performance. It can corrodes a variety of media such as acid, alkali, salt, and solvents. The volume resistance rate is 1013-1016Ω · cm, and the dielectric strength is 16-35kV/mm.
    6, universal epoxy resin, curing agent and additives have many production areas, large output, easy to formulate, can be exposed to pressure molding, and can be used on a large scale.

    The main disadvantages of epoxy adhesives:
    1. When it is not touched, the curing is generally brittle, and the anti -peeling, cracking, and impact resistance is poor.
    2, small adhesion for materials with small polarity (such as polyethylene, polypropylene, fluoroplastic, etc.). Surface activation must be performed first.
    3, some raw materials such as active diluents and curing agents have different degrees of toxicity and irritation. Try to avoid selection when designing formulas, and ventilation and protection should be strengthened during construction operations.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Epoxy resin adhesive

  2. Haha, the real jade and emerald cannot use the glue similar to 502 to burn jade
    and no longer beautiful
    The professional use is a kind of instrument high -temperature glue without trace
    you you The place to sell jade for professional people will be better for you to repair you

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question. I am sorting out the answer, please wait a while ~nJade repair can be used to buy AB dual glue and epoxy glue adhesives in the hardware store. Don't bring it in time after sticking, let it be dried for a few more days before bringing it. Other repair methods: 1. Break -off bonding. Jade wares are broken, and in modern times, there are also useful bonding methods to repair. Fix well, and even "chaos is right".nGenerally speaking, after the jade is damaged, the trim that is divided into two is not cost -effective, unintentional, or cannot be re -carved, and then think of bonding.n2. Golden jade inlaid. It is not only a traditional craft, as a technique but also used to the repair of jade articles. For example, emerald and white jade bracelets are originally a whole of smooth and round. Only when they are broken, they will have a section of golden hoop on the ring. Some damaged jade and emerald jewelry can even achieve perfect and exquisiteness without exposing a trace of defects; its scars and cracks are completely covered by the combination of gorgeous carving gold and the unified and harmonious combination of golden jade.n3. One divided into two. After some jade articles are damaged, designers and sculptors always analyze their original shapes according to their damage. After some ingenuity, then cleverly divided on the basis of the original. Two or more separate or associated small pieces.n4. Revisit. This is the premise of covering up and making up for the damage of jade, and the ingenious creation is ingenious. The masters of art created and accumulated a variety of wonderful strain remedies and re -trimming in the long art career, such as "removing high and low", "removing fat and lean", "replenishment with bad bad", "breaking with broken", "breaking with broken", "breaking with broken", "breaking with broken", "breaking with broken", "breaking with broken", "breaking with broken", "breaking with broken", "breaking with broken", "breaking with broken", "breaking with broken", "breaking with broken", "breaking with broken", "breaking with broken", "breaking with broken", "breaking with broken", "breaking with broken", "breaking with broken", "breaking with broken", "breaking to break the broken bad", "breaking with breaking" Broken "and other stunts. 5. Supplement of the absence. The jade carving pendant accidentally fell, and there were constant cracking and only lacked a small piece, but after all, it was "broken". The filling of jade carving generally uses synthetic resin to mix sliding stone powder and apply it to the lack of part to shape it.nIn order to make the color of the repair site consistent with the colors of the surrounding jade, the same species of repairing jade articles must be grinded into powder, such as peacock stone, lapigraphic stone, etc. It is also used to adjust the raw materials of the same color to the filler, and then fill it.nI'm glad you can help you like it? I wish you a happy life. Thank youn6 morenBleak

  4. 1. After the jade bracelet is broken, you can use the adhesive (such as 502 glue, etc.), and you can go to the jewelry jewelry franchise store to help the master for help. There will be some small fragments (or small pieces). I wonder if you have collected uniformly. If you are not collected, there will be some "concave pits" after the bonding. On the one hand It also affects the aesthetics. Cracks after bonding are still visible. Professional use is a kind of instrument high -temperature glue without trace.
    3. Go to the place to sell jade to repair professional people. It will be better.
    4. Another way is to ask the master to use gold or silver to inlay the connection at the disconnection. The accuracy must be greater than the adhesion with glue, and it can cover the crack. More. Whether it is adhesive or inlaid with gold and silver bags, the bracelet is always damaged (disabled), which requires enough psychological preparation.

  5. Jade can use slow glue

    does not use 520 which chemical glue sticky, which glue is corrosive

    n can be used by all kinds of glue, but the jade is broken. It is recommended that it does not need glue to dip the glue

    It jade bracelets. If you break it, you can only make a choice of gold inlaid jade.

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