What's a good gift for the opening of the hotel

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  1. I think there are many things to give away! First of all, I think you can give a Buddha statue, because I think it is still superstitious to open a shop at such an important time. For example, many people will burn incense and paper when they move into a new house. Some people will go to the temple to pray for themselves when they encounter something. Therefore, I think it is important to try to give a Buddha statue when opening a shop. Moreover, if you give a Buddha statue, it will also appear that you pay special attention to him and to his opening of a shop, and I think he will also be very happy. Maybe this Buddha statue is what he needs. Many people will buy something about Buddha, that is, put more superstitious things in the shop

    also, if you don't want something like a Buddha statue, you can simply send a bunch of flowers. I think it's OK to send flowers at any time and on any occasion. Even at a funeral, you can send a bunch of lilies to show your respect and missing for the deceased. Of course, for the opening of a store, it is also very appropriate to send a bunch of flowers, because I think everyone will like those things with fragrant flowers, and the opening of a store must be a very happy day, and flowers can sometimes represent happiness! And flowers have their own words. You can choose some flowers with blessings to give to her, which is more appropriate

    and I think you can also bring a bottle of champagne to celebrate the opening of the store with your friends, because most people prefer to drink some wine to celebrate when they are happy. Another point is that if they are male friends, I think boys prefer to drink. And when they drink, it is easier to say something they don't usually say, And I think boys' drinking is helpful. On such a happy day as opening a shop, I think we must drink a little wine. If you bring a bottle of champagne to her, it can also show your sincerity to her and express your congratulations on opening a shop

    in fact, if you are really good friends, casually speaking, he will like whatever gifts you give him. Because he thinks that on such an important day as his opening, if you can be present, he will be very happy, and he will feel that you can come is the greatest sincerity to him. But when you go to his opening, you can't go empty handed, so you also have to take some gifts, so sometimes you will worry about what gifts to give. In fact, as long as you think it is good and suitable, you can try to give them, Because he won't mind what gift you give her very much, as long as you can come, she will be very happy

  2. If a hotel is opened, a lot of flower baskets are usually placed at the door of the hotel. Most of them are sent by friends. You can also send one or two pairs

    you can also choose to buy some firecrackers or fireworks to fill the atmosphere

    in addition, it's also good to invite more friends to a restaurant for dinner, and then introduce the restaurant to your other friends, so that they can have a full house on the first day of opening

    generally, people in business want to be prosperous, so they can buy some auspicious trinkets, such as fortune cats, golden toads, and elephant trinkets, all of which have good meanings of wealth, fortune, peace and prosperity

    finally, you can buy some paintings, or some artworks, or give a set of dishes. As a gift for the opening of the business, it can be regarded as some small things in the occasion, which can also express some feelings

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  3. I have studied this problem before. What can I give my friend when he opens? I'll give you some references

    1. Flower baskets and bouquets

    if you don't know the local customs, sending flower baskets is the safest and safest. Generally, there will be many flower baskets sent by everyone at the door of the opening. The more flower baskets there are, the more friends there are to congratulate. Flowers generally include carnation, 𔎆 lily, Fulang, Gladiola, loose tail leaves and other flowers with good moral. Hang streamers on the flower baskets and write blessings

    2. Fortune seeking ornaments

    the Chinese still believe in Feng Shui. Wealth seeking ornaments can attract wealth, so general stores will put some wealth seeking ornaments. The common ones are jade cabbage, oyster, unicorn, Fortune Cat, gold ingot, money tree, fortune fish, three legged Golden Toad and so on

    if you are a very good friend and know him well, you can choose the decoration according to her birthday. For example, if he is misfiring in the five elements, it is a good choice to send Kirin. The 𔎆 Qilin was a benevolent beast in ancient times, integrating dragon head, antlers, lion's eyes, tiger's back, bear's waist, snake scales, horse's hooves and ox's tail. It was mainly used to generate wealth, prosper business and ward off evil spirits. It's a very auspicious decoration. 󊍺

    3. Bonsai

    most restaurants need bonsai decorations, so it's also right to give bonsai to friends. You can choose fortune tree, banyan tree, Fugui bamboo and other bonsai, which all imply wealth, auspiciousness, happiness and well-being. It is both practical and atmospheric, and has the good moral of attracting wealth

    no matter what you give as a gift, it's a gift. Friends will be very happy and won't step on thunder. But it may lack creativity. If you have some talent, you may as well write a calligraphy and painting, embroider a cross stitch and mount it, or make a gift yourself, or even perform a good show at the opening ceremony, then this gift will be more unique

  4. In general, small hotels can offer blessings when they open and prosperity when they open. It's just like decorative paintings. Large hotels and restaurants can offer screens when they open. It's more atmospheric. Screens can also be used as evil spirits to gather wealth. The theme of screens is related to business prosperity~

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