Where can I receive the Course of Jingdong Mall?

5 thoughts on “Where can I receive the Course of Jingdong Mall?”

  1. To be honest, JD.com should receive coupons. After all, the big guys using JD.com are buying electronic products or home appliances. The quality must be carefully considered. I will use the public account of Ronghuanhui to check the order. A series of operations are on the Jingdong platform. This is guaranteed.

    It online shopping Save money Recommended public account: Ronghuan Hui Province, you can query the coupon for free, and you can get red envelope rebates, suitable for you who will live.
    Generally there are goods with coupons, and there will be red envelopes rebate. Baby without vouchers also has rebates.
    If you are looking for discount information, you can search for coupons first, and some can still be a lot of discounts.
    The no need to download anything, register or something.
    This coupon rebate to save money platform, click to understand details
    At present Taobao, Tmall, JD.com, Pinduoduo, takeaway, Vipshop also support inquiry information There are discounts, mainly depending on merchant activities.

  2. It is recommended that you try it like this:
    Plore the official website of Jingdong, after logging in to the account, click to enter the "coupon", select the coupon you need, and click immediately to get it. Also, you can receive it on those apps of the coupon. After opening the product, copy the link to the app to the receiver's app, or enter the product keywords you want directly in the search box of the app, click the search and query Essence The benefits of doing this: You can also query the hidden coupon through the APP of the coupon.
    Stique: Not all shops have coupons.

  3. You can receive coupons when buying things in Jingdong. Many people do n’t know where to get coupons, and they waste a lot of money. Now the software emperor editor will teach you how to receive JD coupons:
    1. First of all, first We enter the mobile phone desktop and open Jingdong.
    2. Click the coupon.
    3. You just need to click immediately.
    The above is how JD.com receives the coupon operation method. It is actually very simple, but many users do not know that they can receive coupons, so they miss this discount. If you want to know more related tutorials, please search keywords in the software emperor's official website! In addition, mobile phone users can search for more related tutorials through WeChat and Baidu Essentials. I hope our sharing will bring more help to everyone.

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