Why do you like to collect jewelry more and more?

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  1. Once people walk into the world of jewelry, they will be fascinated by gems and magical color and crystal luster. This is the charm of gems.

    In the collection world, gemstones are a relatively broad concept. The important part is mineral crystal gemstone. There are thousands of natural minerals in the world, but there are only dozens of them can be used as gems. Gemstones require strong wear resistance, so hardness is generally higher. The gemstones should also be as pure and rare as possible, with impurities and cracks, and have bright luster and beautiful colors. The restrictions of many conditions determine the scarcity of gems. High -quality gems are expensive.

    In the identification of the gemstone, people have developed the grade as easy to measure as much as possible for the gemstone. The greater the granules at the same level, the higher the value. However, the increase in prices is not proportional to the weight of gemstone. Gem increases by a level range, and its unit price will increase. This method of pricing is the principle of premium the gemstone. Only precious gems are calculated according to the principle of premium. Investment collection is undoubtedly a good choice. It is enough for the collection level, and it will always be appreciated and preserved.

    . Other beautiful stones are also classified into the scope of gems. Although this type of stone does not belong to mineral crystals, it has great interest in collectors because of its hardness and beauty. Such gems. High -quality emeralds are not inferior to crystal gemstones, and its elegant and implicit traits are even more favored by oriental nations such as China and Japan. Almost everyone who loves beauty, especially ladies, is eager to have beautiful emerald rings, brooches and bracelets.

    out of the pursuit of beauty, people also classify some of the finer, colorful and hard -textured petrochemical organic objects into the category of gems. The best among them. The Chinese often use "jewelry" to call precious jewelry, which may reflect the importance of pearls.

    The trough has been loved by the Royal, Foreign Royal Families, Dignificant Guanxian and Rich Martyrs since ancient times because of its beauty and scarcity characteristics. They searched the world Qi Bao, became the biggest gem collecting agency, left the richest treasures for people today, and left countless bizarre things. These treasures even witnessed blood and flesh and blood on many major historical events. In the face of these strange treasures, anyone will be shocked by its magical magnificence, and then lament the magical power of the Creator.

    With the development of modern science and technology, gemstones have undergone tremendous changes in various fields such as exploration, excavation to processing. Advanced technology has promoted the production of gemstones. Then there are very few exclusive luxury goods. With the progress of society and the improvement of people's living standards, precious gems have since entered the home of ordinary people.

    The gem industry has strong professionalism, and the gem itself is relatively easy to measure, so it is more likely to be standardized in price assessment. This is significantly different from other antique artworks. Whether it is mineral crystal gemstones, multi -mineral collection gems or organic gemstones, they are becoming more and more favored by people, and collecting gemstones have become more and more fashionable. Numerous cases show that investment collection is an excellent channel for appreciation or value preservation. The increase in the gem industry will develop steadily with the further improvement of the living standards of the people.

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