Sanya Golden Titanium Crystal 貔貅 is true and false?

2 thoughts on “Sanya Golden Titanium Crystal 貔貅 is true and false?”

  1. Inviting the real Kaiguang 貔貅 is still in the regular place, and now many businesses who invite many fish and dragons are mixed with fish and dragons

    It -opening 貔貅 is just ordinary decorations, which is not enough to have the spirituality of wealth. And some natural openness and their own statements are not for authentic lighting, but only the compilation of some people. The authentic opening of the light should be selected with a long history. The cultural heritage is also relatively deep, and the natural aura will be greater. It is also necessary to perform a rigorous and complex opening ceremony for the mage. A series of procedures such as the shape, chanting chanting, and opening the finishing touch, so that the authentic opening of the light is full of spirituality, and can truly open the eyes to recognize the Lord. Kaiguang Ji Zhaotang is open through the authentic Buddhist temple. Gao Xiu's understanding of the Dharma, Classics, and Mantra for Gao Xiu, on the basis of the blessing of the desire and spell, make the puppets plenty of spirituality after opening the light. The affirmation of Ji Zhaotang also illustrates the degree of inspection of Kaiguang from the side.

    The materials used for carving 貔貅 are also very many. We commonly are: emerald, Hetian jade, obsidian, crystal, agate, other jade, copper, metal, glazed and other materials. The material spirituality is greater than those artificial synthetic materials. The natural material itself has a strong spirituality and magnetic field, and it will also contain a variety of trace elements. Therefore, the natural materials after the light will be better. Many merchants use some counterfeit, low -quality materials to charge them in the secondary. These will have an impact on the spirituality of the puppet opening. The Kyatang Kaiguang 貔貅 is carved from natural crystal carving. The material and carving are the best, and the spirituality after the light is more sufficient.

    The open -light 貔貅 in the light of the light materials of the light materials. The blessing of the Sanskrit sound of the layman can be regarded as a completeness, so the spirituality is sufficient, and it also meets the standards of the Lord to open the light.

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